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Hello, I am reviewing all the users in our installation, journal by journal. I use the feature available in Statistics/Users/Registered users - export. It returns a nice list, but I find that all roles across all our journals are included in this export file.
I wonder if it is an error in our installation or if it is normal behaviour. In my case, and I have only 5 journals, I have the roles across over 100 columns. It obviously requires a lot of manual handling, also because I do not use many the roles in the system.
Application Version - is
I am happy to explore further…

Hi @lsteele,

This is an identified bug: CSV user export issues on a multi-journal instance ( · Issue #7317 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

It’s slated to be fixed as part of the next OJS release (3.3.0-9).

PKP Team

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