Use of context_id and journal_id in database

I just had my very first look into an OJS database (OJS Our server admin mirrored our productive system to make a test system for me. I am journal manager and OJS site admin but have no knowledge on php, mysql or any other programming stuff. I am inclined to learn what is necessary though.

one of my current tasks: delete all users with only a reader role in any of our journals (multi-journal installation) but no other roles assigned to them.

I plan on letting my server admin do this via the command line merge tool. However, I need to provide him with the list of user names. I am currently stumped by the use of journal_id and context_id in the database tables. What is the difference? They seem interchangeable to me. Has any one further suggestions on how to compile the name list?

Hi @heike_riegler,

They are interchangeable. The reason for the difference is that much of OJS and OMP share the same code, via the pkp-lib library (the contents of lib/pkp). In order to avoid using application-specific language (journal; press) in that shared library, we use the neutral term “context”. Similarly, “Article” in OJS and “Monograph” in OMP are “Submission” in the shared library.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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