Use default author data ...?

Hey there,

why does OJS3 not use the default data of a registered person for bio data and affiliation?
When uploading an article, I have to fill out the article metadata, and even if the author is already registered with complete biography and affiliation in his/her profile, I have to c&p all the relevant data in the articel metadata else it is not shown in the issue article description.
Is this normal behaviour or did I miss a setting?
It seems strange to me to have to maintain double data in a system sophisticated like this…

thank you

Hi @Jesaiah,

I think the overall goal is to use the ORCID plugin to link to the author’s ORCID record so that the author only has to keep one thing up to date. I imagine that the data isn’t pulled in automatically from the author’s OJS record in case the information isn’t up to date. If you have further suggestions about how it should work please let us know.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team