UsageStats, UsageEvents and acron (native plugins) doesn't work

Hello friends, good morning everyone. We really need your help!

During the OJS migration to version we had problems with the ** UsageStats, UsageEvents and acron ** plugins. They are installed (I can verify it from WinScp), but they don’t appear in the new OJS interface, i.e. they do not appear in the list of interface plugins.

Has anyone had this problem? How can I perform this fix? Could you help me please?

Thanks a lot,


Hi @lux666, did you solve the problem?
We have the same problem with an OMP 3.1.2-4: we are sure the plugins are working (e.g. the download graph is shown and updated), but they are’t in the Settings>Wesite>Plugin tab.
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Hi! Yes, I solved the problem, but I can’t remember how I did it and I don’t have access to the system anymore. I hope you find the answer. All the best!