usageStats custom reports

We do not know how we can create custom reports and charts using data collected by usageStats plugin.

We activated the plugin, it works. We would like to have custom charts, maps and reports calculated on collected data. We have our installation outsourced in a service provider, hence we cannot easily access collected data. To be specific, it would be great for us to display various maps with accesses per country. We do not know how to access the collected data.

Is there any API to query usageStats collected data? Is there some configuration to activate usageStats API? We would be grateful if you could suggest us any other method to access those collected data remotely. Any hint is greatly appreciated.

We are using OJS 3.2 and passing to 3.3 this month.

Hi @joelfan,

Please see here for our documentation on statistics/reporting:

This wouldn’t include things like custom charts, maps, and reports - often users make use of external web analytics for such things, such as Matomo or similar platforms.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis , thanks for infos, we will have a look to matomo.
Regarding OJS/OMP APIs, do you know why country is not included, and eventually if is possible to include it?
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Hi @bolelligallevi

I’m not sure what you mean by this:

Hi @rcgillis, regional data can be tracked according this par of documentation, but I can’t understand if such data- when tracked - can be obtained by API.
In other words, I can’t find regional data (country in particular) in Stats / Publications part of API documentation (
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Hi @bolelligallevi,

Thanks for clarifying. I don’t know off-hand, but I’ll see if another one of our team members can weigh in.

PKP Team

No, it is not available through the REST API in 3.3. Geographical data will be available in CSV form through the REST API in the next major version (3.4, scheduled for release in 2023).

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Hi @NateWr, thanks for your answer.
For now, is it possible to query the db for geographical data?
If yes, how?
We saw that country data is in a usage_stats_temporary_table table, but we do not understand the mening of all fields, e.g. assoc_id and assoc_type
Can you give any hint?
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Hi @bolelligallevi,

The main DB table for usage stats is metrics. You could e.g. then query everything (or e.g. only abstract views and file downloads), grouping by country, region, and/or city.
You can eventually also use the custom report generator to get the data in CSV format.

Let me know if I can help further…