Usage stats Not Updating (3.0.2)

I’ve noted that the metrics table stopped updating about 10 days ago. The Usage Statistics Plugin is recording usage to [files]/usageStats/usageEventLogs.

When the Scheduled Task runner (runScheduledTasks.php) runs, I’m not getting/logging any errors. I’m also not getting the metrics table updated and the usageEventLogs files don’t seem to be touched.

any chance you added a custom base_url setting to your ten days ago?

That value hasn’t changed since the site went live last fall.

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Is your scheduled task processing done by cron or by the Acron plugin?

Do you still see new schedule task log files being created in files_dir udner scheduledTaskLogs ?

Scheduled Task processing is done by cron.

The logs do accumulate in scheduledTaskLogs. Further, if I move the files to stage and manually run {ojs_root}/tools/runScheduledTasks.php {ojs_root}/lib/pkp/plugins/generic/usageStats/scheduledTasks.xml, they do update.

What messages do you see in recent scheduledTaskLogs for the UsageStatistics process which correspond with cron runtimes?

php {ojs_root}/tools/runScheduledTasks.php generates no logs in scheduledTaskLogs and files are not processed.

Moving the files to stage and then running php {ojs_root}/tools/runScheduledTasks.php {ojs_root}/lib/pkp/plugins/generic/usageStats/scheduledTasks.xml generates:

[2017-03-07 10:45:29] [Notice] Task process started.
[2017-03-07 10:45:32] [Notice] File {ojs_files}/usageStats/processing/usage_events_20170305.log was processed and archived.
[2017-03-07 10:45:37] [Notice] File {ojs_files}/usageStats/processing/usage_events_20170306.log was processed and archived.
[2017-03-07 10:45:37] [Notice] Task process stopped.

Currently, a default cron run doesn’t automatically execute plugin crons, even if registered within OJS. (I view this as a bug.)

To execute the autostage loading, my cron includes the command:

php tools/runScheduledTasks.php plugins/generic/usageStats/scheduledTasksAutoStage.xml