Usage Statistics plugin stopped processing the log files


The usage statistics plugin stopped processing the log files on January 1st.
I checked the usageStats folder and all the logs since January 1st are in the usageEventLogs folder.
The corn jobs is still active
php tools/runScheduledTasks.php lib/pkp/plugins/generic/usageStats/scheduledTasksAutoStage.xml

I ran all the 3 commands above manually with no success and no error message.
I do not know what changed on January 1st, but the logs were processed just fine before.

I use OJS with PHP 5.6.35.

Thank you,

Do you still see new schedule task log files being created in files_dir under scheduledTaskLogs ? If so, what do recent UsageStatistics log files report?


Thank you for your reply.
The log has the following content.
[2020-07-06 10:00:02]
[2020-07-06 10:00:02] [Notice] Task process started.
[2020-07-06 10:00:02] [Notice] Task process stopped.

I did manage to sort it out by moving the files manually from usageEventLogs to stage. I can add a script to move the files once a week (except for the log in use).

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