Urgent help please...Lost my frontend!

By that, I mean there is no access to OJS (3.0.2). I am getting a screen with just the logo against the coloured band at top but nothing else. No text, no link, no login. I am currently logged in but if I log out, I won’t get access to even the login page.
I have been working on changing Navigation by copying and changing four lines of code in
and same with
It was working and I had cheered and then I must have done something somewhere. I have treble checked all coding and it seems fine. I am able to make changes in OJS which show as saved but no change on website.

Can you use default versions of those files that you can unpack from OJS installation file/archive and upload to server so you can have fresh files?

not sure where to find them. I installed ojs through softaculous. On my server. Can’t see archive

Hi @gail,

Have you checked your PHP error log for details?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

You can download OJS from this address:

and unpack the .tar.gz archive
and you will find those files in folders and upload them fresh on your server.

Thank you. I copied the original files and one of them must have been corrupted as the site is now back!

Good luck!. Please keep always a copy of OJS files handy so you can upload unchanged files if necessary.