Urgent Help (OMP)

Good afternoon, a pleasure to greet you. We are a publisher of open access books that we are just walking in this medium of academic dissemination. We would like our books to be indexed in google academic and google Books engines, could you help us.
We have been using the OMP platform for more than a year but we see that our books are not indexed in the above mentioned engines.

Hi @Editorial_Global_Kno,

You didn’t mention which version you’re using (e.g. 3.3.0-13), but in case you’re not running a later version like 3.3., then it is best to upgrade, as OMP indexing for Google Scholar is supposed to have been fixed as of OMP 3.3 (see here: How to make Google Scholar harvest the OMP metadata - #21 by Nikola) Do you know if you are running OMP 3.3 or later?

PKP Team

Thank you very much for your answer, we are using the version