Uploading PDF and DOCX option button

Hello everyone! I’m from the Geography Department, Pontifical University of Chile.
Currently we’re using OJS, and we need a feature where you can download a PDF and a DOCX (word document) files from a button below another “Send Article” button that’s already there, in the sidebar. These would be a template for that “Send Article” purpose.
Here you can see how could it looks:


The problem is I couldn’t find a plugin or some option that let me upload these files and be available for the user in the main page, at least not for OJS, in the other topics couldn’t find the answer either.
Would be appreciated if someone knows and explains how I can do it.
Thank you very much in advance, cheers.

if you mean that you need 2 butoons in sidebar, with download option like on screenshot i provide:

than you need:

  1. make 2 images.
  2. create custom block with custom block plugin
  3. upload each image
  4. insert link to your document on the server

your code must be look smth like this:
< p > < a href="http://download-doc-link ">< img src= " /public/site/images/redukr/DOWNLOAD_DOC . jpg " / >< / a >< / p >
< p >< a href=“http://download-pdf-link”>< img src= " /public/site/images/redukr/DOWNLOAD_PDF . jpg " / >< / a >< / p >


Thank you very much! Then I have to use Custom Block plugin, I think that is what I need for this.