Uploading file to Galley gives “HTTP Error.” (OJS3)


after upgrading to ojs 3, i can’t upload file in galley,

i found one topic about this issue in this forum but i couldn’t resolve it, my case is different and i open a new one,

in error log i have this warning :

Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /home/scigatejou/domains/scigatejournals.com/public_html/publications/lib/pkp/classes/file/FileManager.inc.php on line 307

the permission was ok (755) however i changed it to 777 but the error still display

please help


There are a number of other consideration beyond the file mode (numeric permissions). Have you also checked:

  • Are the directory permissions (for ownership and for mode) propagated to subdirectories under files_dir?
  • Is PHP restricted via the open_basedir directive to only have access to certain parts of the filesystem?
  • Is the OS restricting access to the filesystem through SELinux permissions?