Upload of Issue Cover Pic impossible

Hello there,

We are currently upgrading our site www.jrfm.eu (OJS 2) to OJS3. Transferring the content, I encountered this strange phenomenon:
Uploading of issue files works perfectly (although the internal PDF viewer is missing, but that is another topic).
However, after completing the issue I want to upload an issue cover pic:
Issues → Back Issues → [select] → edit → Tab 2 / Issue Data → dragging jpg into cover field → [SAVE] :

Error message comes up saying “Wrong file type. Accepted file types are jpg, png and gif”

and the pic is rejected. The file I want to upload though is an ordinary jpg with aroung 300KB / 874x1240px.

Any ideas? Hints would be much appreciated … Thanks in advance!

I think your file size is too large, try to resize it and reupload.
I hope it work, just trying to help.

Thank you, I will give that a try. However, a file of 300 K too large? Not very probable, since it did work in OJS 2 …

I don’t know but I’ve tried, mine is 49 KB after I resized it.
But I think is not that size, its about the dimension, mine is 424 x 600 px.
and it work.

Nope. Just tried it and reduced image size to your suggestion; still get the “Invalid Cover Page format” error (“Acceppted filetypes are jpg, png or gif”.

I suspect a write permission problem somewhere. But where?

Thanks for trying anyway!

For illustration purpose:

first it seems the upload is accepted (green checkmark), but then, after clicking “save”:

note that this jpg only has 55K .

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If the problem is a file permissions issue, the exact error and file location will be specified in your PHP error log. The likely location will be in the “temp” folder of your files_dir.

Hey there,

Upload issue resolved. It was indeed a problem with the file permissions in the /[issue_nr]/ directory (wrong group)

Thank you for all input.


Hello, I am presented with the same problem, could you help me on how to solve it, thank you.

Hi @Jose-Manuel,

This is quite an old thread - over 4 years old, and may not be monitored. It also deals with an older, currently unsupported version of OJS. Perhaps you could post your issue in a new forum post and the issue could be discussed there? Please include your version number in the post.

Best regards,

PKP Team