Upgrading OJS to 3.0.2 from web interface: DB error

Hi there,

I have been running OJS 2.4.x quite successfully for year or two, but decided to upgrade to 3.0.2.
I have OJS on a shared hosting space, running all necessary requirements as of: https://github.com/pkp/ojs/blob/master/docs/README
I have followed the upgrade steps as indicated here: https://github.com/pkp/ojs/blob/master/docs/UPGRADE, adapting them to my disk space limitations (1Gb!!!)

  • Download and decompress the package from the OJS web site to local folder on my personal computer

  • Move or copy the following files and directories into it from your current OJS installation:
    → config.inc.php
    → public/
    → Your uploaded files directory (“files_dir” in config.inc.php)
    → Synchronize new changes from config.TEMPLATE.inc.php (3.0.2) to config.inc.php (copied from 2.4.x), with some issues:
    ==> 2.4.x settings not available in 3.0.2: registry_dir, scheduled_tasks_report_error_only, enable_attachments, captcha, captcha_on_comments, captcha_on_mailinglist, font_location, egrep, gunzip, show_stats >> skipped settings
    ==> 3.0.2 settings not available in 2.4.x: time_zone, session_cookie_path, enable_minified, filename_revision_match, log_web_service_info >> kept default settings
    ==> allowed_html: different “syntax” in 3.0.2 >> kept as was in 2.4.x

    (ie: allowed_html = "<a href|target>

      1. <img src|alt>


      2. Deleted the current OJS directory from web host (backup copy made on local computer), and uploaded the new OJS directory to web host

      3. Review the Configuration Changes section of the release notes in docs/release-notes/README-(version) for all versions between 2.4.x version and 3.0.2 version >> No new item appears to need beeing manually added to new config.inc.php file.

    During the process I may have done a big mistake. I entered all submission files, which were occupying a lot of space (around 850Mb out of available 1Gb disk space!), especially because not using OJS to collect submissions and manage reviewing processes, but mainly for disseminating the published articles in open access, the different submission files are copies of the final published .pdf files. I therefore simply cancelled for all articles all file versions other than the published one, and optimized the published .pdf files, reducing their file size.
    I will get back to this later

    At this stage, I was expecting to be able to test the configuration.
    Not having a shell access to the server, I found not one single line in documentation and forum as to how to perform a test upgrade. I therefore proceeded with upgrading the database from web interface, ie:

    • Edit config.inc.php and change “installed = On” to “installed = Off”
    • Open a web browser to your OJS site; you should be redirected to the installation and upgrade page
    • Select the “Upgrade” link and follow the on-screen instructions >> >> never found the upgrade page, no “upgrade link” was provided on the installation page, and I had to look the forum for this indication: go to “http://pathtomywebsite/OJS/index.php/index/install/upgrade

    The process gave me a common.error.databaseError
    I checked the errolog on my shared server, which gave me nothing related to this operation (last errors were from much ealier and not related). However, I have “database debug output” disabled in config.inc.php…

    I figured out that touching to the submission files may have corrupted the database.
    I entered my database, and entered the new file sizes of the published files + created “stub” txt files (very small!) for the submission files I had deleted. I did not change the upload and modification dates for such files.

    I retried the upgrade process and got the same error.

    I tried switching on “installed” in my config.inc.php anyway, just to check out the result.
    I got a blank page telling me that I have a DB Error: Table ‘journalname_user_groups’ doesn’ exist
    In fact, I have no such table in my database. Should it have been created during the upgrade process?

    Please help…
    Thank you,


First error was setting the default locale to fr_FR in config.inc.php as it was in previous version, but this locale is not available for OJS 3.0.2
I changed the default locale to fr_CA
Now I get different errors.
I’ll start a new post.