Upgrading ojs from to


I am wishing to upgrade my ojs installation from version to ojs I have few qeustions in my mind.

  1. Is both the above versions compatible with each other in respect to the database structure.
  2. OR I can upgrade directly to ojs 3.0.
  3. What steps I should take before the installation process. Is there any manual / literature available on your website related to upgradation of OJS and database backup creation etc.

Kindly suggest me.


Ganesh Sharma

  1. Any version upgrade may involve database changes. These database changes are applied as one of the last steps of the upgrade process.
  2. Upgrades from 2.4.x, including 2.4.2, directly to 3.x are supported.
  3. The process upgrading is documented in the UPGRADE file under the docs directory of the source code. For example, for the 3.0 upgrade, or for the 2.4.8 upgrade. The details of backing up your files and database are not included in that document, as it will depend on your server configuration. Hopefully you (or your system administrator) has regular backups scheduled of your files and database. If you do not, now is a good time to start. The critical files to back up include:
  • Your files_dir, which holds your user’s uploaded submission files
  • Your “public” directory, which holds your user’s public uploaded files, such as website images.
  • Your site configuration, config.inc.php
  • Any local changes you have made to the source code
    Your remaining OJS settings are stored in the database, and should be backed up with your database tools (for example, mysqldump or equivalent).