Upgrading OJS to, problem with "Administation" page and theme

We have OJS, I am testing upgrading it to OJS I used a backup from the production server (files and database) and installed it in a local server. At the begaining the upgrad failed. I learned from the fourm that I need to convert all InooDB tables to MyISAM and also change the default database engine to MyISAM.
With these settings, the update completed successfully but the theme looks corrupted.
The frontend is almost the same with one exception that the font is not italic anymore. While the backend shows many problems. The left hand menu in the dashboard page looks scattered and not showing at all in the “Administration” page (as in the image at the end).
I installed “Classic Theme” and “Manuscript (Default child theme)” but nothing change.

Any suggestions is appreciated.

Thank you




OS: Windows 10 (Version 21H2)
XAMPP 7.4.11
PHP Version 7.4.11
Apache/2.4.46 (Win64)
mysqlnd 7.4.11

Hi @Usama_Foad

OJS 3.3 hides the sidebar when you access the Administration section, specially if you are running a multi-journal installation. Is that the case?

Please, see below our Demo OJS administration running on multi-journal mode:


Thank you @israel.cefrin for your reply

So, the short answer it is a feature not a bug. We have a single journal installation. Anyway, the old sidebar looks nicer than the new one.

Hi @Usama_Foad

Since this change in the backend may affect your experience you could file a new feature request in PKP Github repo asking the sidebar back in the administration page and see what the PKP team says about it.

There was a similar request, but after creating a journal: [OJS 3.3] Include journal sidebar after creating a new journal · Issue #6650 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub