Upgrading custom Plugin - PublishedArticleDAO

Hello everyone,

I’m doing the upgrade for a multi hosting ojs (20 journals). We were on ojs 3.1.2 and we want to upgrade to ojs 3.3.

A journal has, few years ago, developed a plugin. I have to do the upgrade of this plugin.

I have some troubles with this piece of code:

$publishedArticleDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('PublishedArticleDAO');
$articles = $publishedArticleDao->getPublishedArticles($issue->getId());

I have seen that PublishedArticleDAO is no more valid with the OJS 3.3 version. Do you have any suggestion on how I can get the publishedArticle in another manner ? I though I can do it with

$publicationDAO = DAORegistry::getDAO('PublicationDAO'); 

But I’m not sure if it’s the same and I don’t know how to get the articles. Do you have any suggestions?

Any help is very appreciated.

Hi @njamar

I’d recommend looking at the OJS 3.3 page handler code to how submissions are fetched for an issue’s table of contents. For example, beginning here:


I succeeded thanks to your very helpful answer.
Thank you very much !