Upgrade to 3.10

Hi all

We finally decided to upgrade our OJS website from to the last version of 3.1

I write because I am looking for an help, what we want to do is creating a new domain called new.ourdomain.com, installing the new OJS version in this domain, and we want out staff to play around with the new version to get confident with the system. Basically we would like to keep the current website with OJS for a while in order to use both system to make the staff confident with the new OJS

My only concern is the database, I would like to know if the current database is suitable with the last 3.1 ojs version or I need to create a new database from scratch.

Please let me know what is the best process to approach this task, do you guys know any tutorial only to do this? do you have any advice regarding?

Thanks a lot

Hi @marcello8080,

If you follow the upgrade documentation in docs/UPGRADE, it’ll take care of converting your old database to the newer standard.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team