Upgrade OJS To 3.3.0-6 🙏 URGENT

Hi @staff

I want to upgrade my ojs to, but i have this error.

error : You are trying to downgrade the product “orcidProfile” from version [] to version []. Downgrades are not supported.

error ojs 3-3-0-6

Help me please. :pray:

Hi @rebas_saber

You’ll need to restore from backup. Then, just delete the entire orcidProfile directory from plugins/generic and then reinstall the plugin after your upgrade. I’m not sure how you managed to do this, since it would have meant installing an updated version, and then replacing the version on disk with an older one.


Hi @jnugent

Thanks for the reply.
I didn’t see a comment yesterday sorry.

I solved this problem :
Step 1: I went to “plugins/generic” and deleted the “orcid profile” file.
Step 2: I went to my dashboard OJS → choose any journals → website → Plugin → Plugin Gallery → search “ORCiD Profile” updated plugin

I updated again.
The update succeeded.

Thanks @staff