Upgrade OJS to


May I ask for if it is not too hard the upgrading from our version ( to We would like to have the latest release, but are a little afraid of that all the graphic customizing work we’ve done gets affected (css, and so on). This is our site: http://www.iifilologicas.unam.mx/senderosFilologicos
So, to be sure of, can anyone tell if we could try to make it without any consequences? Is that not too complicated & time consuming?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Which theme you use in your OJS?

Thanks vvucic. We are using the Manuscript Child Theme.


It should not be much issues I gues. However, all changes that you have done should be applied again since you have to upgrade theme itself.
Thus, firstly create your own backup on some local computer and apply design customization and make it as you like. After that, you can upload it.