Upgrade from OJS to 3.1.1-4 - Lost almost all prepared emails

Hi, I’ve upgraded from OJS to 3.1.1-4 on a Debian Linux, with php 7.2, mysql 15.1. Everything looks fine except that there are only three prepared emails left. Prepared

The upgrade was done using the php tools upgrade script, and no errors were shown.

We changed in the past several of the prepared emails, so we need them.

Now I tried to reset the prepared emails, but the list remains only with those initial 3 emails.

Then I went to Settings/Website Settings/Languages - and for the English locale I clicked Reload locales.

All the prepared emails from the 3.1 version appeared.

An unpleasant effect is that not only the emails appeared, but the checklist was replaced with the default checklist :frowning: - no big problem though.

Now, how to correctly copy the old edited locales into the new ones?A simple copy-paste would suffice? Are any variable names that were changed?

Are there other important modifications due to the Language reset action beside the checklist?

Thank you