Upgrade from to

We are having major problems with the upgrade and I have no idea where to start in terms of trying to fix this.

We ran the upgrade from to and when trying to run some test cases a lot of things are not working. Most of the problems are starting at the review stage

eMails to the authors are not being sent out
the system isn’t recording the decision of review correctly
notification of revisions are not being sent to the autho
Notification of revisions are not being displayed in the author queue
Section editor is not being notified that a revision has been submitted
Section Editor queue is not showing that a revision has been received
when accepting the submission the files needed to go to the copy editor are not being pre-populated in the record of editorial decision window

The email notifications seemed to work fine until you get to the review stage and then everything goes to pot at that point. So the email notification thing is not on the server side as it clearly does work - at least initially. I haven’t progressed beyond this point because the number of errors has been piling up and I’m assuming are just going to compound at this point.

How do we fix this?

Hi @Kevin_Feenan

In the meantime there is a new OJS 3.1.1 version, so if still testing i.e. not in the productino maybe you can try to update from to 3.1.1? E.g. the new release fixes some of the bugs, e.g. the revision notifications.
Else, we would need more specific information, e.g. how was the upgrade, how you did it, did you get any warning messages, etc. Then for each of those issues you mentioned above, we would also need information what exactly you did and how do you see something is wrong/not correct.