Upgrade database step by step from (OJS) to latest version

Hi every body, the situation is that I’ have installed a centos 7 server with apache 2.4, php 7.4, and postgresql 9.6, na my OJS current version is, I started backing up files directory, database, public directory, pluggins directory and html structure. I found this guide official guide, but I need to go step by step, I can’t go directly to latest version

Could someone help me with the right process o could share the link where is the topic?, when I run check tool, I got the message.

Code version:
Database version:
Latest version:

So, I don’t need to get latest version now, I need first to upgrade code and database version to and after that, all to version, and next jump to and finally to the latest version.

Any clue could help me to solve it, I appreciate any help.

Hi @jarulin

Some fellows reported no problem upgrading from 3.1.2 directly to 3.3.0-11, but I recommend a “pit-stop” in 3.2.1-4 (or stable-3.2.1 if you prefer).

This is the recommended way suggested in the section “Upgrading from 2.x” of the howto you linked:


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Thank you for your reply, but I had some trouble when I was following that guide, when I run the upgrade tools I got a message error with data base updrade process, the message says serial doesn’t exist, and that’s starting the upgrade process.

I can’t understand what’s the mean of that message.

I installed on CentOS server, with apache 2.4 and postgresql 9.6,

Sorry @jarulin but what exactly did the message say?

Anyway… if you have problems jumping from 3.1 directly to 3.3 I would suggest you to recover your backup and try again to move first to 3.2.1-4 and then to 3.3.0-11.


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@marc thanks for your reply, I’ve could to get a some steps more, but now the platform is showing 301 html error or sometimes error 500 for example when I try to access to admin section I got error 500, I saw on error log, I found that some resources was moved (301), I guess thats because the platform is searching resources on cache?, it could be?