Upgrade 2.4.5 to 2.4.7 - all plugins needs to be upgraded

Hi, I’ve just upgraded my test server from 2.4.5 to 2.4.7
running first upgrade.php patch and then upgrade.php upgrade for the database.
everything seems to be OK but…

custom modules are not showing; and every plugin now, in setting screen, has an UPGRADE link…
so it seem that plugins were not upgraded…
any idea?

many thanks
Stefano Mosca

I have the same issue. I just upgraded a number of our journals to 2.4.7 using upgrade.php.
Did not realize that the plugins are not getting upgraded. Not good.
I need to know how to upgrade the plugins before they cause an issue with the users.


The “Upgrade” link does not necessarily mean that the plugin is out of date. The “Upgrade” link merely provides a user interface to upgrade the plugin independently if you have newer code available. It looks like the link itself has been around since OJS 2.2.1, so there may be some other issue that is raising the questions.

@jpmh_2015, please describe in more detail what you mean by “custom modules are not showing”.

@EdwardDavid, what evidence (aside from the red herring of the upgrade link) are you seeing that the plugins are not upgraded?

Looks like just the “Red Herring”. I looked at OJS-2.4.6 which was a full install and saw “Upgrade Plugin” for the plugins as well.
So will ignore in the future.

Had me concerned.


Here what I can see.

in home page I defined 2 custom blocks.
in custom block manager I can see them.
I can see them in Block Plugin in Plugin Management
I can see them in Journal Layout in the correct position.
but they are not visible in my home page

fortunately is a TEST installation… but before upgrade the official server I’ll need to understand this…


Just for the records…
Another issue I found after upgrade:

Journal Page Footer is visible in homepage but in step 5 of journal setup is not visible neither editable.

strange behaviour…any suggestion?

Have you made any local changes to your code? If not, what happens if you replace the OJS files with a clean extract from the Full Package download for 2.4.7?

I created only a custom Theme for our journal but no modification to the source code

just finished now to replace all…
white page…
I’ll startover from last backup…

The white screen usually indicates a PHP error. In copying over a clean install, the most common scenarios would be forgetting to copy over the custom theme or forgetting to set file permissions for apache on the cache and public directories.

If you switch from your custom theme to one of the default themes, do the blocks reappear?