Upgrade 2.1.1 to 2.4.8-3 failed: DB: Duplicate entry 'title-en_US' for key 'site_settings_pkey'

Background: Pretty much what it says above. Searching the forum, seems issues like this are common to failed upgrades having been run against a database and not backed out. I think this is what’s happening if someone earlier failed an upgrade - because, as you can see, the install is extremely old.

Anyone have any advice on a solution to this scenario and the error above? Seems to be a pretty common occurrence with peoples’ various failed upgrades.


Hi @davechristensen

If someone attempted an upgrade and it had give a failure then it is advisable that you restore the original database before try it again.
Most likely the failed attempted modify some information an structure in your DB and won’t be possible recover an process from it.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team