Updating DOIs and metadata

an editor has used an invalid character, a hyphen/dash by mistake. We have followed these instructions to correct the issue but it does not work. Crossref XML Export Plugin (OJS 3.2+) (sfu.ca) What happens if we hit the botton Clear DOI? The articles are already published in a Volume that is online. We have been in contact with Crossref who advised us to take contact here :

Steps I took leading up to the issue: We received a notice that the DOIs in the new Volume do not resolve, in the export status failed the invalid character is the cause of the problem

What I tried to resolve the issue: We followed the instructions and updatied the metadata. Unpublished and corrected the metadata, saved and republished and tried to deposit the articles again to Crossref as the instructions say, but nothing happens

Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.1.2:

Additional information, such as screenshots and error log messages if applicable:

Hi there @Katherine_Fonn,

I’m very sorry about the huge wait, I’ve been missing notifications and it turned out that I had a lot of older ones I didn’t know about!

Clear DOI will wipe all of your DOIs entirely. I would only do this if you have not registered any DOIs so far. This many months later, I presume you’ve already done this. I am unsure if the “invalid character” was in your DOI or in your article metadata. If it’s in your article metadata, all you have to do is unpublish, correct the error, and republish. Then update the record in the plugin by checking the box and resubmitting.

If the error is in the DOI, and it’s already registered and resolving, just leave it. Typos in DOIs do not matter in the long run. The DOI will work as intended and re-assigning a whole new set of them just to fix a character will be a lot of work.

If they don’t resolve because of that character, you can unpublish and manually change the errant DOI in the “identifiers” tab of the publishing workflow, then save and republish and push that forward.

If none of these things work, you can open the plugin and check off the DOIs affected. Then you can click the “export XML” button at the bottom. You can hand-edit the deposit DOI from there and upload that file to https://doi.crossref.org with the fixed character. Then, in your plugin, you can mark those articles as “marked active” so you can have them removed from the “failed” status queue.

I think this reply covers all possible conclusions to the original question, although I concede that the situation may now be very different!