Update ojs 2.3.7 to 3

hello dears

i want to upgrade my ojs . my ojs version is 2.3.7
i know that i must first upgrade my ojs to 2.4.x then 3
but I have installed it on a shared server and I have no access to the
shell, only a web interface and control panel (C-panel) is allowed

in additional , i have a very big and important database and i need my data strongly

Hi @amirhosein
First thing first, you have to create backup of whole site, including database, as i can see, you are using Cpanel so this shouldn’t be a problem (there is automatic script in Cpanel for creating backup, after that you just have to download it to your computer).

  1. upgrading process is same for 2.3.7 to 2.4.x and to 3.0.0 and can be done without CLI access (although shared hostings have CLI access from web applications).

2.1 to start upgrading (after you have created and downloaded your full backup of site files and database), you have to delete all files in directory except config.inc.php, and folders public/ and /files (folder where your files are stored, you can find this information in config.inc.php).

2.2 Download full package from ojs site https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/ojs_download/ and extract it to your computer, delete config.inc.php, and folder public and compress it again and upload to server (or don’t compress and upload to server via FTP)

2.3 in config.inc.php (on server side) change installed from on to off and save.

2.4 in web browser, go to journal address and instead of install click to upgrade (that would be first option you can select au page).

2.5 wait for upgrade process to complete and after that change config.inc.php install to on and that should be it and go to journal page (it should be upgraded).

To upgrade from 2.4.x to 3.0 repeat same process again, but my recommendation is not to keep old config.inc.php, you should update new file and copy it to server.

More about update and upgrade process you can find in upgrade documentation


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Be careful in step 2.2: if you extract the source for OJS 2.4.x to your computer instead of extracting directly to server, you may lose some symbolic links which are referenced in the package. Many Windows-based extraction tools don’t properly recognize symbolic links. An easy check on this whether the files in plugins/importexport/crossref/classes have code in them, or if they just have a filename in them.

Also, be sure to review any new instructions or setting values in config.TEMPLATE.inc.php when upgrading as part of step 2.5.

thanks a milion :heart_eyes: