Unrecognized DAO ClassADAO While add new fields in RegistrationForm

Hi, I just need to drop down in registration page. I copy the country fields a I am working same this now. I thought you solved already. I did in that way. I changed salutation code in register.tpl.

{fieldLabel name=“salutation” key=“common.salutation”} {html_options options=$salutations selected=$salutation}

Then I add in RegisterForm.tp.

$salutationDao =& DAORegistry::getDAO(‘SalutationDAO’);

$salutations =& $salutationDao->getSalutations();

$templateMgr->assign_by_ref(‘salutations’, $salutations);

I create SalutationDAO class . I just copy from CountryDAO and changed it .
Then I create salutation.xml and create salutations array. And put data. I copy from country.xml class and modify it.
Run it .
I got unrecognized DAO SalutationDAO. Please let me know why I am getting this error.nd create a

Hi I am not include DAO class in Application class. My problem is solved. Thanks.