Unclear message in key

In manager.xml there is message
The following url can be used to generate the report with this current form settings. Just copy it, paste into your browser and enter. You can use your favorites to store your custom report url generator.
The second sentence
Just copy it, paste into your browser and enter
does not make clear do we have to click on enter or what to do with url specified in teh first sentence.
if we paste it into browser we should press Enter in order to get browser display url we pasted into itsd address bar.
Am I right?
Please advise

Hi @vvucic, yes, you are right, it’s about “pressing Enter after copying the URL into the address bar”.

The message basically states: “this is the URL for the report; you can use this URL in the browser to display your report, and you can save it in your bookmarks to be able to open it in the future”

The language is not very clear here, I will fix it.

@vvucic, by the way: if you could include the name of the locale key in reports like this, it’s even easier to find that string in the English and the translated files.

This is about manager.statistics.reports.reportUrl.label in pkp-lib's master branch.

Patch here: