Unassign DOI Number OJS

Hi, one of our editors wants to publish an article in advance without a DOI. When I go to metadata - identifiers - and ‘deselect’ Assign the DOI to this article, Save - the check remains in place. How do I know that there will be no DOI before I publish or is this a bug?

As our automatic DOI system is working perfectly right now I don’t want to mess with any settings!

Thank you.


The article has a DOI assigned only if you see a red button on that page that you can use to remove an assigned DOI.

The UI there has caused a lot of confusion in our journals as well and have seen a lot of similar questions on the forum. @NateWr any ideas how to make this better? Maybe instead of that checkbox and save button, you could just have a button that says “Assign a DOI to this article”?

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Thanks, I see that the clear button appears when it’s published. I assume if I click this as soon as it’s published I can stop the information automatically going to Crossref?

Sorry I missed this.

When you do the “Schedule for publication” and save that form, the system will ask if you want to assign a DOI. Just uncheck the checkbox then and the article with not have a DOI.

Thanks @ajnyga, I’ve let the editor know.