Unable to Import with Auto Password in

Following the guidance here on OJS, which was what I’d assumed would work, I am unable to import reviewers (or other journal “staff”) and have it automatically generate a password.

If I specify a user element as follows (spaces added to preserve tags) -
< u s e r >
< g i v e n n a m e locale=“en_US” >Jane</g i v e n n a m e>
< f a m i l y n a m e locale=“en_US” >Doe</f a m i l y n a m e>
< e m a i l >jane.doe@work.org</e m a i l>
< u s e r n a m e >jane_doe</u s e r n a m e>
<review_interests>Acute Care, Education-Staff, Education-Patient, Evaluations, Health Policy, Informatics, Management, Administration, Nurse Burnout, Nurse/Patient Satisfaction, Nursing Theory, Patient Safety, Professional Practice, Quality Improvement, Research - General, Research-Qualitative, Research-Quantitative, Research-Methodology, Research Design, Self Care, Stress & Coping, Technology, Work Environment</review_interests>
</u s e r>

…the import fails with the following message -

Element ‘{http://pkp.sfu.ca}user_group_ref’: This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( {http://pkp.sfu.ca}gossip, {http://pkp.sfu.ca}signature, {http://pkp.sfu.ca}password ).

When I try supplying a password with an empty value to satisfy the missing XML element errors, it simply complains that I’ve provided a “plain password that is not valid.”

Can you provide any clue as to the correct approach?


Todd Lockhart