Unable to confirm a review

OJS, PostgreSQL database, php 7.0.33.
As an editor I can not confirm a review.
In the “Reviewer” section of my “Round” 2, click on “Read Review” and then click on the “Confirm” button at the bottom.
The window closes and nothing happens, no javascript error from the Firefox console and no javascipt error.
What could cause this problem?

Can you access the php error log?

Ooops! typo. I wanted to write “no javascript error from the Firefox console and no php error”.
Yes i can acess.
As you can see the problem concerns only the second reviewer.
As a further information, I say that this “Submission” has not been assigned to any “editor”.
Also when I click on “Confirm” in the Firefox console I see these calls.

It could be that moving forward a submission without an assigned editor will cause some other problems down the line, but I can not see this connected to that.

Just to make sure, do you have any browser plugins running? Have you tried to use another browser?

Yes sure, I tried.
Even my clients of the publishing house and therefore the “editor” with different PCs have tried and we are all in different places.

Any suggestions?
If someone considers it useful or would like more information, I could query the db to try to understand the problem.

From what I understand, seeing the source code, if no “section editor” or “editor” is assigned to the “Submission” then it is not possible to confirm the revision.
In fact, even if an unassigned “editor” click on the “Confirm” button related to the revision it is recorded as read in the “item_views” table but it is not recognized as valid because it is not associated with the “Submission”.
You can see the source code

and here

I then solved by assigning a section editor.