Unable to Clear Issue Objects DOIs for back issues

Dear PKP Support,

I have checked the forums but did not find a solution for my issue.

I am using OJS current version

We only want to assign DOIs for our most recent issues, therefore, I cannot find a way to remove or not to show DOIs for previously published (older) issues.

DOIs for older articles/articles lead to not found pages if visitors follow the link since these DOIs are not deposited with CrossRef.

We have tried “Clear Issue Objects DOIs” for back issues but it does not work.

Please help.

Thank you.icr_doi_issue


Hi @qbhatti ,

If I understand you correctly, the problem is that some DOIs (for older articles) are leading to unexisting pages and you want to get rid of them. If so, that is something to be sorted out with your DOI registrator (CrossRef).

Regards, Primož

Thank you for your time to reply my post, however, let me explain again;

  1. We are new to DOI implementation
  2. We only want to apply DOIs for the two recent issues of our journal that have been published, using the DOI plugin in OJS it applies DOIs to all the issues in archive.
  3. is there a way to remove DOIs from ‘Back Issues’ since we do not plan to deposit those to CrossRef and will result in page not found
  4. We tried to ‘Clear Issue Objects DOIs’ as shown in the picture above but that does not work

Thank you.


Hi @qbhatti ,

OK, I understand it now. I think I can not help you, as I understand the ‘Clear Issue Objects DOIs’ should remove the DOIs, so maybe someone can verify the behaviour and confirm it is a bug.
However, the root cause of the problem is that you have assigned DOIs to all articles. You shouldn’t do that at the first step. But you are where you are now.

Regards, Primož

Appreciate your reply, as for the root cause as I mentioned the issues were already published so there is no option to apply DOI only to selected objects otherwise I would have chosen that option, my only option was to apply DOIs to all.

Hi @qbhatti, thanks for the detailed report. It looks like you found a bug. I’ve filed that along with a fix at Clear issue object DOIs does not delete publication DOIs · Issue #6931 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. I hope this fix will make it into our next maintenance release (, which should be out soon.