Unable to add user after deleting the same

I registered a user and then deleted the same. It no more reflects in the existing users list. But when I try to register the same user when the earlier email id, it says that the email and user is already registered. Any help?


Hi @rakesh9490,

What version of OJS are you using (please include this in your posts)? You can’t fully delete users in OJS (unless done in the database). Instead, they get merged into new accounts. See this post here for how to go about doing that (please note that you’ll need site admin privileges):Little bug? if you delete user, you can't create same user

PKP Team

Even if you delete your user from the list, the data of the user will be stored in your MySQL database.

If you want to register a user with the same email id or username, you should delete the user in the MySQL database.

For the same, open your MySQL database,
search for user you want to delete, and delete the same.

Hi all,

I don’t recommend removing users from the database directly. The merge users tool is the best way to fully remove user accounts (e.g. test or spam accounts).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Dear @asmecher,

He said, “It no more reflects in the existing users list.” He already deleted the user.

So only I give that suggestion.

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