UI error ojs3.1.2 (7370fa stable-3_1_2) missing files && why are build.js and build.css files in .gitignore?


On commit 7370fa stable-3_1_2, I have noticed that /js/build.js and /styles/build.css are in .gitignore, but are needed in various parts of the UI, e.g. the plugins tab, the user-role edit feature (see below), etc. … actually they seemed to be called pretty much everywhere. Are these legacy imports that should be replaced by a different mechanism?

From some notes I made a few months ago, investigating a different issue (solved now), I see that I had noticed these files were not present. Because at the time, I was moving from a full install downloaded from pkp’s main website to using the source from github, and because I was still trying to figure out the system, I had simply copy-pasted the files from the full install archive. That had worked, and I forgot about it.

It seems that I either need these files to work, or a fix to include the new mechanism. I am happy to work things out by myself, and create a PR, but I thought I would check in with you before.

Thanks again!



Hi @eroesch,

These are NPM components, which we haven’t committed to the stable branches. You can build them yourself using

npm install


npm run build

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Sorted. How did I miss that?! Thanks @asmecher!