Typo OJS 3.2.1 Section Editor recommendation

Once a section editor with limited access will make her/his recommandation, the two options: 1: send an email for the editors with recommendation and 2: do not send email to the author. I believe this is a typo and should read “Do not send email to editor”.
Can this be corrected?

Hi @Mariaros,

Can you send an example of where you’re seeing this? Perhaps a screenshot (with any relevant details blurred out) would help to see exactly where this is occurring.

PKP Team

I am sorry for my late reply.
Here is a screenshot. The typo is only in the Norwegian version of the journal. The marked text should read “e-post til redaktørene”

Thank you

I also have another typo to be fixed in the Journal Nordisk Barnehageforskning
When register a new reviewer, there is a typo in the Norwegian version of the journal.
I have marked the typo here
the correct word should be
Thank you,

Hi @Mariaros,

If I understand correctly, the issue is with the wrong translation/localization, right? If so, you can correct it following the translation guide: Translating Guide for OJS, OMP, OPS, and PKP Software Documentation

Regards, Primož

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