Two questions about OJS 3.1.x upgrade: content amount, and upgrade planning

Hi there, I’m new to the PKP forum and am involved in planning an OJS upgrade from 2.4.8 to 3.1.x.

First of all, I read back on a 2016 blog post that OJS 3.0 was recommended for small to medium amounts of content but future releases would handle larger amounts. Does this still hold true, or is the latest 3.1.x version OK for larger amounts?

Secondly, aside from a test installation is everyone with multiple journals upgrading them all at once? I’m guessing the whole installation has to be upgraded at once, but was wondering if anyone had separated out journals and done upgrades a few journals at a time (and how this would work).



we recently upgraded from 2.4.8 to with a multi journal installation (15 journals and over 8000 submissions in total). It is one installation, so there is no bit by bit upgrading.
We have taken the system offline, made a back up and upgraded. This has taken several hours. After that, we made the necessary layout changes to each journal, activated themes and uploaded css stylesheets, created custom blocks for the side bar and uploaded images and text for the journal main pages journal after journal and switched them back online. We had prepared all the upload material in folders and it took about 1h per journal to complete.
I strongly recommend a test system not only to train the staff but also to test all your layout things for each journal. Testing and compiling the material has taken us about 3 months. I suggest to make a copy from your production system (not necessarily including all submissions) and run the upgrade. Then you can play around with things.

Hi Heike, thanks so much for sharing your experience! This will help a lot with our planning.

When you mentioned creating the images and text for each journal main page, were you able to adapt what you had been using in 2.4.8 for, after testing?