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Hello, is there any way to turn off article submission and/or point it to another peer-review platform? We use an outside peer-review system and we keep getting submissions from people that go around the link at the top of the journal pages. Thanks! radjr

If you disable the user registration as authors see step 4.1 of the setup

they should not be able to submit articles.

You might add a custom block to the sidebar with a link pointing to your submission process.

Hope this helps

Claudia Jürgen

Thank you Claudia,

I will try that. We do have a custom link on the top menu bar…but folks seem to want find the embedded submission link. Thanks again.

Thanks for this. We made the changes and it seems that users are still able to submit manuscripts. Not sure how they are managing to be able to do this. Do we need to reset all users capabilities somehow? Thank you./

If you just prevent new registrations of authors, you will also need to remove the author role from all current users.

See another approach in the first paragraph here: Page Not Found

The simplest way to disable public submissions to an OJS journal is through the “Journal Sections” interface. While logged in as a Journal Manager, navigate to “User Home > Journal Manager > Journal Sections”. From there, click the “Edit” link for the section you wish to disable submissions for, and select the checkbox labeled “Items can only be submitted by Editors and Section Editors.” This will have to be done individually for each section.

Absolutely Brilliant. Thank you!

Absolutely Brilliant. Thank you!

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Hi @ctgraham, by using that approach, we can also guarantee that nobody that doesn’t have access to the Journal and would like to register on it, will be not able to upload and inject any malicious code right?

I wouldn’t recommend turning off all user registrations just for the purpose of preventing malicious uploads. If you want to continue to process submissions, there are other ways to protect against malicious code:

That said, if you want to use OJS as just a distribution system (not as a submission/review system), yes, disabling registrations is one way to prevent any uploads from users who you have not manually registered.

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Any updates on this thread?
It makes sense to have the feature to disable the submissions link.

You can disable submissions by removing the Author role from your existing users and preventing new Author role assignments.

You can also disable submissions by limiting submission to only Editors, section by section.

See: Turn off article submission system - #5 by ctgraham

Thanks for taking your time to get back to me on this.

Yes, I read about it in the earlier posts as well, however, It is a bit confusing.
This is not an ideal solution.

I can disable the submission block. Is there a way to remove the “Make a New Submission” text and link from the top of the Submission’s page. Do you know which files holds this information?
Perhaps, I can manually edit it and without the submission link, then there is no way to submit a paper.


What version of OJS are you using?

With 3.x, you can edit the Navigation Menu Items to remove the link. In either version you can hide the link with CSS or remove the link in the template.

Hi, here is the solution.


change (around line 788)
<message key="about.onlineSubmissions.submissionActions"> {$newSubmission} or {$viewSubmissions}


<message key="about.onlineSubmissions.submissionActions"> {$viewSubmissions}

That will remove the submission link when users log-in. You can leave a msg that the submission has expired.

I just want to chime in here and say that it would be useful to have a way to totally disable the domain_and_journal_path_here/about/submissions page in OJS 3.

I can remove the incoming link, but someone can still go to that URL and see the submission page. Someone can Google in, or otherwise find that /about/submissions page.

What I’ve done to handle the submissions page for any journal that is using a workflow outside of OJS is:

  1. Go to Users and Roles → Site Access Options and disable users from being able to register as authors. (ie. Journal Manager must approve.)
  2. Go to Website → Navigation Menus and remove the incoming link to /about/submissions from showing up in the user navigation menus.
  3. Go to Website → Workflow → Submission . In the “Submission Checklist” section, remove all the default checklist items, and add a new item with a link to the journal’s submission instructions and note saying that the OJS website is not used to accept submissions.

But, someone can still get to domain_and_journal_path_here/about/submissions . I would like a way to totally hide that page.

I’m on OJS 3.1.1-4 . If this can be hidden in a later release, and I’m late to things, then let me know.

Just giving my input that it would be awesome to have a way to hide this.



it seems done in version 3.3:

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