Troubles updating OJS 2.4.3 to 3.0.2

Hello everyone. Can you help me with this updating problems?

The OJS was updated from 2.4.3 version to 3.0.2 version. The migration process finished successfully and the PDF files are displayed properly. However, none of the images in HTML articles are displayed, generating an error with the "File not found"message.

Besides. In Front end, issues, PDF and HTML files match. But there is something weird in some articles. Clicking the title in Table of contents we can see the correct metadescription, authors, references, etc but as if it belonged to another publication.
For example the image below belongs to issue 108, Vol. 37, Issue. 1 (2015) but in top and right side shows issue 46. Vol. 19 Issue 2 (1997) It doesn´t make any sense, in old version everything worked perfect.


The other hand. In the image below, left side belongs to Front end of the website, with the correct table of Contents; right side of the image belongs to the dashboard, showing the same issue, with differents table of contents. Is crazy


URL is: Development link

If I am not mistaken, it is recommended to upgrade to and then migrate to 3.0.2.
I think it would be better to upgrade from to 3.1.0, maybe you can fix those issues you’re having.

Thanks Adriano. We followed your advice, upgrading first to but references and images to publications are already lost in this stage.

Hi @nanaluna,

If your HTML images are not displaying after updating OJS, you could check that all of your file permissions are set correctly and you can check your database to make sure that all of the galley files were migrated in the update process. You also might get more information about the “file not found” message by checking your PHP error log.

I wasn’t sure from your last post if the mixed up metadata problem is still happening since re-doing the upgrade.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team