Trouble and doubt in upgrading form 2.2.3 to

when click on Install System I receive the message: “Duplicate entry ‘2–filterEditor-0-0’ for key ‘user_settings_pkey’”. What should I do?

At that form of installation, shoud I mark create new database or not?

Thanks in advance!


With the upgrade, there is a link at the top of the installation form dedicated to the “Upgrade”, but it is small and easy to miss. You won’t fill out the installation form a second time.

If you have access to the command line, the upgrade process there is preferred:

If you’ve already tried reinstalling over top of your existing installation (such as indicated by the “Duplicate entry” message), be sure to start of the upgrade from a cleanly restored database from your last good backup (hopefully just before you began the upgrade of the code).

I just receive the message about duplicate entry, after I fill the form at the step “-Select the “Upgrade” link and follow the on-screen instructions”.


Did the upgrade continue after that point and progress to a “Upgrade completed” message?

No. It returns to the form and shows the message in a red characters!

Thanks in advance, ctgraham!

Were you able to revert to a clean copy of the 2.2.3 database before trying the upgrade again?

Yes. I can do this. At this time the running version is 2.2.3, cause I can’t leave de journal off-line. Should I try the upgrade again? With some diferent step in any point?


The way I would approach this would be to copy the backup of the OJS database and files to a new server (or new location on the current server), then try the upgrade there. (This allows your 2.2.3 install to continue running while you test out the upgrade.) Ideally, run the database upgrade part of the instructions from the command line, but either way, copy the output of the upgrade script and paste it here if you encounter an error message.

Hi ctgraham!
I’ve done this and the problem persists!
I think I cannot upgrade directly to 2.4.8 cause the database changed and this changes were done in some version between 2.3.2 and 2.4.8.
I’ll try an upgrade to 2.3.0 and then jump to 2.4.8.
Let’s go!

If you are able to upgrade from the command line, be sure to review the output for any error messages and for the successful completion message at the end.

You can copy the output to this forum by pasting the content between two sets of three backticks:

paste log here

Oh god! I forget do run the patch from 2.3.2 to May be this patch has the function to upgrade the database. And after the patch I run upgrade!

Patch based upgrading is cumulative and error prone. If you miss one patch between versions, you are likely looking at a broken installation. I strongly recommend using the “Full Package” upgrade instead.

Oh, yes! I found this full package at I’ll try this one!

Do you have some tips on running patches? I’m new at this procedures. Should I access my servers by Putty and then run de scripts?
Thanks again!

Does PHP Shell works at running patches?


I’m not a fan of patches, unless you are using a change management (revision control) system like Git or Subversion or Mercurial. We’re moving toward a much more rapid release cycle which will hopefully make patches obsolete for most users.

Is the a patch you are interested in particularly, or are you just following the instructions from docs/README?

I’m just following the instructions from docs/readme.
But there are an alternative way to make the upgrade?

Thanks ctgraham!

The preferred way to upgrade is via the “Full Package” upgrade. It is the first option described in the README.

The “recommended patches” section should probably just be removed from the README.

Something strange happened!
I made a full update to the version just above 2.2.3 which is 2.2.4 and I received the same error message from when I tried for
I’m in trouble because I’ve already been paid to perform the upgrade!
Do you have sem aditional advice???

I found something at