Translation issue [solved]

hello everyone.
i had noted that ojs 3.0 have some translations that do not work even when i change the respective XML on locale . i do not want to update to 3.0.0-1 just to make them work so can anyone show me the commits that solve this issue? so i can make the changes manually.

Here is a example of translation that do not work

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Hi @falexandremc,

See e.g. this post.

(The code in that image looks like Perl.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you. i found the solution in your link.

i check the folders
/var/www/html/locale/mylocale and /var/www/html/lib/pkp/locale/mylocale

and when some key does not work in the xml of one locale you have to add the key in another

i am able to add the translations now.

perls code can make giant animals appear? lol it’s better than java then!