Transferring code from one host to another, importing problems

I took the code from the old server and plopped it into the new host. Configured the database andimported the old database entries through PHPadmin.

I moved the existing files directory that had been previously nested inside the ojs root folder to outside that directory (because it was recommended), and finally, configured reflecting the change.

However what i am experiencing now is that the pdfs links that should navigate to the ViewIssue of choice, instead it shows a blank file.

MAIN QUESTION: Do i have to import these files to the site manually in order for them to show up?

I have been on forums referring to an XML script and process through the import plugin, but was unsure if I just create over 100 entries in one XML document… I was hoping i could have some type of automated system that would just see that there were Different directories…

Thanks in advance

Hi @razoredge,

You shouldn’t have to work with the import/export tools. I suspect the problem is the files_dir you’ve specified in your – either it’s in the wrong place, or file permissions are preventing OJS from reading the files there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team