Transfer Journals to another installation


since there have been a lot of problems with our OJS installation on postgreql, we decided to change the database type to MySQL.

A complete database transfer doesn’t seem to be possible (slightly different database schema, coding problems)

Now I have made a complete new and empty installation on MySQL an I want to import as much as possible from the old installation.

Both installations are on version 3.1.0. I am not able to update the PostgreSQL installation. That’s one of the reason for the new DB type.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be as easy as I hoped it to be.

The export function of the user import/export plugin creates a xml based file successfully, but I am not able to import that file on the other Installation. I get one-way road sign without any errors showing below. Also there are no errors in the apache error log. I

The native xml plugin on the other hand, does the export and shows some errors, but its every time a missing user. So I need to fix the user import first

Unfortunally the fullJournalTransfer plugin isn’t compatible to version 3.

Does anyone has got a clue how to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance



Really? Nobody has got the answer.

I really need some help, please.

Hi @IT_Sky, if you have troubles with importing the users, you might want to consider adding the user/users from the article/issues XML dump to the target OJS instance manually. If there is only one or a few, that might be easy. Another way is to make a new dummy user on the target OJS instance and replace all the occurrences of a user in the article/issues XML dump with that single user name.

It looks like good error reporting hasn’t been added yet to the User import.

It has been coded, but this enhancement is scheduled against OJS 3.2 currently.

Would you be comfortable trying the import against a fresh clone of the master branch from git? You wouldn’t want to deploy your new site with this pre-release version, but you might be able to see some helpful error messages.