Tracking emails sent to reviewers/user

If you send an email to a user (mainly reviewers) from the User list, is there a record kept of the email? It does not appear in the activity log and so there does not appear to be a way of checking something was sent - or when it was sent so as to chase up if required. To be clear, I am not referring to emails connected to specific submissions, but more generally to users/reviewers. Thank you.

Hi @suenugus

As you mentioned, the sending of direct messages from the user list is not recorded at least until 3.2.x.

There is a record of sending mails in the circuits through which an article passes and they are registered in the email_log table in the database.


Thank you - we are using version 3.3. I wonder therefore if there is a way to see a record of emails sent from the user list (that are not directly related to a submission)?