Too many Redirects


When logged in as to a journal, all articles, free or paid subscription, the redirects, when the PDF button is clicked work as expected.
When not logged in as a user or admin, just as an anonymous user without an account, and I click on the PDF button for the free overview PDF, the redirect sends me in an infinite loop that seems to be referencing itself and redirecting to itself.
the error logs only have an warning that states this and not an error.
I believe that this may be due to different permissions that OJS assigns to users based on their role…i.e. admin, subscriber, editor, reviewer etc… as opposed to just an anonymous user surfing the site.
Any recommendations as to how/where to start figuring this issue out?


Hi @kyrrah

Is this a fresh install of OJS? Are you using mod_rewrite or anything that to change URLs? This isn’t normal behaviour for a fresh OJS installation and so I am curious.



this is a fresh install of OJS. To the best of my knowledge, we not used anything like using mod_rewrite or anything to change URLs?


If you’ve got a link to a live journal that I can see, feel free to drop it in a private message. Off the top of my head, maybe you’re getting a conflict between a base_url setting and a Redirect in Apache?



I just sent you a message with the link and a more detailed description. Thank you.


Hi @kyrrah

I had a look at your message and have replied.