TLS 1.2 - only for selected journals

We have multiple journals having unique domain names(redirecting through .htaccess) hosted on single instance of OJS 2.4.2, can anyone suggest how to use TLS 1.2 protocol for selected journals only? without enabling Force SSL connections site-wide in .

the reason being we have payment gateway integrated for few journals & we want ‘https’ to only these journals.

As you note, OJS only allows this configuration at the site level, so if you really wanted to do this, you would need to configure this at the Apache level. For example, you could use mod_rewrite to redirect any traffic to HTTPS if and only if the domain name of the request matched your desired name(s).

On the other hand, I would strongly recommend enabling SSL for all of your journals, and requiring SSL for login at least. Let’s Encrypt provides a source of no cost SSL certificates.