Titles not linking to articles

What can I do to link a title to the PDFs of the paper in the Table of Contents?
Our very first issue is now published but visitors can’t access the PDFs from the title links - that just takes you to the abstract and ref information only. There are button like boxes above the Table of Contents which take you to the PDF.
Using OJS 3.02 and Bootstrap.

The title will always lead to the abstract page.

I could not find PDF’s in the abstract page either. If you open for example this article Editorial | Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice workflow in the dashboard as an editor and go to the “Production” workflow do you have something added to the box titled “Galleys”?

Ah, got it. Needed to go back the submission workflow. I didn’t realise I had to upload a galley too. Thanks!

Any ideas why not all of the full titles are showing in the Table of Contents even though I saved them in the Public Galley Identifiers?

I am not totally sure what you mean with public galley identifiers? Generally you do not need to add any special identifiers to the articles or the galleys.

But if you mean why the subtitle part of the article title is not showing in the table of contents, then the reason is that the template is made to work like that. You could of course modify the template, but that requires some knowledge of html and editing the core files in general. The best way to do it is to add a modified template file, and other modifications as well, to a child theme. You can read about theaming in this guide https://pkp.gitbooks.io/pkp-theming-guide/content/en/child-themes.html

Okay. Thanks. It is the subtitles that are not showing but I will leave that alone for now!

It would not be to hard to change that template to show the subtitles. I suggest you read the guide I linked when you have the time.

Argh! same problem a year later! No pdf buttons. No access to article. What am I doing wrong??
New issue just uploaded. All galleys in place.

Sorted. I mistakenly uploaded galleys into the Issue galleys page and not on the Production page. I chose to upload them as Others and not article text too. all working now.