Title, year and volume of issue missing on current issue and archive pages

In OJS a default menu item is called ‘Current’.
In OJS 2.x All the issue metadata (year, volume, title) is displayed on this ‘current’ and archive pages.
In OJS 3 these metadata tags are only displayed on the breadcrumb bar and are missing on the page itself
Can I turn this feature back on? If not, please make a feature to put those items back on the the current page

Perhaps this solves your problem:
On the dashboard go to Issues > Back issues. Click on one issue > Edit, go to the Issue Data tab. Are Volume, Number, Title, Year all checked in the checkboxes? If yes, they should be displayed on the Current and Archives pages.

@czirfusz Dear Márton,
Thanks so much for your answer. but this does not solve the problem. As shown below, the options for Volume, Year and Title are ticked.
This information shows correctly on the front page of the journal if this is the current journal.

If you go via archives or current, then the title is only shown in the breadcrumb.

Does this work correctly in your installation. If so what version?
I have

Isn’t this a theme-dependent but normal behaviour?
I just browsed through the demo journal themes.
Most of them (like this) do not show the title, year etc on Curent/Archives. There are others however which show the information you wish (Traditional theme, Health Sciences theme).

Indeed. Normal theme behaviour. But deviant from earlier versions of OJS (2.x) where the issue metadata was shown prominently on the Issue pages.To me it is not clear why the dev team has made the choice for displaying the title only in the breadcrumb bar in the default theme.