TinyMCE and several other plugins grayed out

Version, upgraded today, just getting started with setup
In the installed plugins list TinyMCE, amongst several others, shows enabled, but is grayed out.

I have removed the plugin files, and uploaded a fresh copy of plugin extracted from the zip file. Cleared cache prior to checking if the plugin was fully active. I double checked the cache using a different browser.

Thanks in advance.

Application Version - OJS

Hi @soj

You can no longer disable the TinyMCE plugin in OJS - if it is turned off certain parts of the workflow or journal settings break (I forget which). It should be enabled and kept enabled. That is how it is by default.


Thanks very much for your response on a holiday. I was actually trying to enable it, since I was getting a small error in the left top sidebar stating my api key was invalid. When I checked the box the error disappeared. The checkbox gained a mark, but the plugin text remained grayed out.

It does seem to be working, however. So, now I am wondering if these plugins are meant to be grayed out.