Timeout limit when uploading files


I installed fresh OJS on Ubuntu 20.04 with Apache/2.4.41 and PHP 7.4.3

When user uploads files there is 30 seconds limit. I configure all possible limit in PHP but limit is still there. I learned that there is a limit of 30 seconds in the component whose name is Dropzone.js which is also used in OJS .

Can you please help me how to identify and resolve this.

All best

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The same problem I reported here OJS-3.3.0-6 issues with Quicksubmit plugin: Undefined variable newFile and slowness.

@NateWr Are there any open issues of delays in uploading files to OJS-3.3.0-6?

@mit, thanks for reporting and for tracking down the source of this. I’ve filed an issue and you can follow the progress there.