Thumbnail URL as a Dublin Core Element?

I’m setting up the metadata mapping to get records into Worldcat Digital Collection.

OCLC’s instructions stay that you can map a thumbnail image by doing the below but I can’t find anyplace the thumbnail URL is stored in OJS much less mapped as a Dublin Core element. Is this possible or not?

From Adding a thumbnail image: You may find it desirable to install a thumbnail image into the WorldCat record. When the record appears in, a thumbnail image can help the user decide whether the item is of interest. 1.Click the highlighted thumbnail area on the left side of the screen. The Edit Mapping box appears. 2.In the drop-down list of Dublin Core elements, find and click the identifier:2 element (or whatever Dublin Core field your repository uses to store the URL of the thumbnail). 3. Click Add to add that image URL to the thumbnail URL field.


Hi @sherylstaylor,

The file name of an article thumbnail is saved in the table article_settings. The URL has to be then constructed. S for example ojs/ at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub and ojs/article.tpl at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub.

The thumbnails are not considered in the OAI metadata. I don’t know how the integration with OCLC works, but this is maybe what you should build.
Maybe you can then later explain in this forum what did you do in order to index your journal there? – It could surely be helpful for others :slight_smile: